Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger 01
Name Frederick Krueger
Age 37 (at death)
Gender Male
Species Nightmare Stalker (Formerly Human)
Type Magic
Status Alive
Occupation Murderer
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Affiliations Typhon
Rival(s) Jason Voorhees


Origin A Nightmare on Elm Street

"Come to Freddy."

About FreddyEdit

Freddy Krueger is a murderer bound to nightmares.


Frederick Charles Krueger was a disturbed and twisted man who became obsessed with abusing and killing children. He would constantly read demonic scripture, and his pure chaotic nature naturally acted as a gateway in of itself beteween Areyna and the demon world, Muspelheim. The more and more he slaughtered the innocent, the more clearer the otherworld became. After hacking up his 14th victim, he was so exposed to the realm of demons that he could almost converse with the other side. It was not too long after making contact with the demon world, that he was caught in the act of murdering a pair of twins and was placed on trial. Due to an unfortunate lack of a search warrant, he was found to be "innocent" and avoided persecution of the courts. This angered the children's parents, and soon talk of the corrupt court system would spread throughout the city. A masked vigilante by the name of Walter Kovacs, a.k.a. Rorschach, was disturbed after hearing the news, and decided to investigate Krueger himself. Upon investigating the murderer's home, he found the remains of a young girl. This angered Rorschach beyond all rationality and the vigilante would soon find Krueger in his own home and axe him to death before setting the place ablaze. When Krueger was murdered, he was not sent to Mictlan like most would be. Instead he found himself in Muspelheim, now a servant of the demon Asmodeus whom he had promised his soul to.