Name Raiden
Age Over 1,000 years old
Gender Male
Species God
Type Power
Status Alive
Occupation God of Thunder
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliations The Elder Gods


Rival(s) Shao Kahn
Origin Mortal Kombat

"You are Areyna's champion. You mustn't give hope."

About RaidenEdit

Raiden is the God of Thunder.


In a time of peace, before the creation of mortals, Raiden was one of the many god-like beings that lived in the world of the creators, Ciel. Ever since the creation of Ciel, Raiden had pledged full loyalty to Phabos, one of the two halves of The Creator that forged the world Areyna. However, despite Phabos' orders to stay away from the world below, Raiden always found himself gravitating toward  the other world almost on instinct. As civilization grew, Raiden became intrigued with the mortals, and would often sneak into Areyna to walk among them in disguise in order to learn more about them.